Basmati rice is long grain aromatic rice grown since long back in the specific geographical area as Himalayan foot hills of Indian sub-continent, blessed with characteristics extra long slender grain, soft and fluffy texture upon cooking, delicious taste, superior aroma and distinct flavor. Agro-climatic condition of the specific geographical area, agronomic practices, plant nutrition, method of harvesting, processing and aging attributes these characteristics features to basmati rice.The Scented Pearl - lends a touch of class that can transform

India is the leading exporter of the Basmati Rice to the global markets. During 2015-16 the country has exported globally about 40.45 Lakh MT of Basmati Rice and 63.66 Lakh MT Non-Basmati rice for the worth of Rs. 2,2718.44 crores and Rs. 15,129.09 crores respectively. Rice is an important commodity which is being exported to different countries. Basmati and non basmati rice is exported from India to different countries.

Since we are believe in quality over quantity, our selection process in pretty strict. Our quality has been well appreciated by our customers. We are Basmati Rice Exporters from India to Netherlands and  Basmati Rice Exporters from India to Saudi Arabia.


Non Basmati-Rice

The non-basmati rice we export is of superior quality and is free from dust, germs and stones. It has a rich taste and fine aroma. 

From the prominent rice producing states we choose only the best for our clients, We are also the exporter of Non Basmati Rice from India 

Non Basmati Rice comes in different sizes, some are long and slender, some are short and thick, some are like beads, and some may be round.


We have strict standards when it comes to selection of Basmati-Rice, and never settle for less. We’re constantly thriving to become one of the top Quality Basmati Rice exporters in India, and do whatever it takes to ensure complete satisfaction.

  • Basmati-Rice exporter from India to Iran.

  • Basmati-Rice exporter from India to Saudi Arabia.

  • Basmati-Rice exporter from India to Netherlands.

However, we are not going to settle until we become and stay as the best exporter of Basmati-Rice from India to the whole world.  


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